Greys4Pets Inc has changed hands and will shortly be rebranded as 'Rescues4Pets Inc' with a greyhound program named 'Greys4Pets'.

There will be no change to our rescues mission and will continue to help Greyhounds and Domestic animals in SEQ.

Our Rescues..

Greys4Pets Inc is a registered charity and rescue located in SE QLD. Our rescue finds homes for rescued, surrendered, retired Greyhounds and domestic dogs from pounds and private homes.

Greys4Pets Inc relies on the public and donations to be able to look after our rescue animals. All donations are tax-deductible and a receipt can be requested by email at

INC: IA37020

CFN: CP6495
BIN: 0001012718813

ABN: 20 047 120 509

© 2020 Greys4Pets Inc

DGR Endorsed (all donations are tax deductible)

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